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Hello folks! 
I have been out of action for quite some time but I am back. 
Wedding Wednesdays are back!
So this weeks addition to my bridal series is..
The Bridesmaid.

For me, the bridesmaids have such a huge roll, well in my wedding anyway. I don't know if that is the case all the time but for me, they are a huge part. Before Craig had even popped the question I knew how many bridesmaids I wanted and who they would be. It was probably the easiest decision I was going to make. For me, I need four ladies who will keep their cool on the day when I am a bag of nerves. I need these four to make me laugh and probably make me cry while we get ready for the biggest journey of my life. Four ladies that I can trust and love like my blood. And that was the easiest choice ever, especially because one was already my sister! SO, that was the easy bit. 

Now for the hard part, THEIR DRESSES! 

In my opinion, throwing your bridesmaids in a horrendous dress that they hate, on a day where they will be nearly at the end of every camera lens would bother me and to be honest, would ruin my day. I've even heard of brides making their bridesmaids wear horrible dresses to make them look better. Like seriously! I want my ladies to look and feel fantastic on the day and enjoy every moment like I will. So my bridesmaids will have a huge input on what they wear on the day. 

I've obviously been browsing for dresses already, even though the wedding isn't til June 2018. Styles will definitely change between now and then, but no harm in having a browse. Right?

Below are some bridesmaid dresses I've spotted on Sabella Bridal's website. Sabella Bridal is a local bridal shop in Waterford and is definitely somewhere I will be visiting closer to the wedding. 

Stunning piece from Angelina Faccenda.

These 3 colors are what I have in mind for my lovely ladies on the day. But as I said, I want them to feel and look amazing and of course feel comfortable. 

Thanks so much for reading. 
Stay tuned for next weeks post. It's one for the guys this time!

Jamie May 

*Images taken for Sabella Bridal's facebook page. 

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